Preparing for the Coastal Classic 

Posted by Admin Wednesday, September 22, 2010 9:39:00 AM

 This weekend will see the inaugural running of the Coastal Classic by Max Advenure.  The race length is 29km, and follows the Royal National Park Coast Track north from Otford to Bundeena with an extra few kilometres tacked on at the end to take in Bundeena headland and Bundeena beach, with the finish at the Bundeena RSL.

A FatAss event along the Coast Track has been run for the last couple of years, but this eventually became too large and unwieldy to organise without support from National Parks (according to a post of Cool Running by the event organizer), and Max Adventure has taken up the running as a formal event.

The Coast Track is quite a hard course, and the 29km course is pretty close to the physical effort of a flat road marathon.  I've previously done a trail runners guide to the course that contains a heap of photos that attest to the difficult terrain encountered along the way.

I'm looking forward to the run - I had an easy week after the Mesa Falls marathon on 28 Aug, with around only 60km running in the final week of my US trip, and most of that on flat southern California roads.  The last two weeks have been my normal training distance, with around 100km a week. 

The typical week looks like:

Sun: 30-40km run, preferably on trail

Mon: 10km slow sand run, 1hr gym

Tue: 20km hard run

Wed: 16.5km trail run, 1hr gym

Thu:10km easy run

Fri: 90min kayak, 15km run - intensity deepening on how the legs feel

Sat: Rest

Yesterday I got out for a very hard 22km run from the Sydney CBD, over the Harbour Bridge and up to Crows Nest, out the River Rd to Gladesville, then over the Gladesville Bridge and back to the CBD via Victoria Rd, the Anzac Bridge and Pyrmont.  This one is my hardest and longest lunchtime run, it seems like the whole course is one uphill climb - theres the climb up out of North Sydney to Crows Nest, three steep hills on River Road, Gladesville Bridge, the two climbs on Victoria Road up to Drummoyne and Balmain, and then up and over the Anzac Bridge. 

This morning was my 16.5km trail run from Grays Point out to Heathcote and then back via Audley.  Its a 5am start to get this one in before work, and is a nice way to get outdoors for some mid-week relaxation.  The legs felt good going up the final climb out of Audley on the Honeymoon Steps, and I've got an easy 10km recovery run tomorrow as the last activity before Saturday morning.

The Coastal Classic has sold out with the 300 entrants spots filled, and I'm aiming for a finish somewhere in the top 30.  The Mesa Falls marathon had 214 finishers and I beat 200 of them home, and I'm feeling a bit stronger and readier for the Coastal Classic than I was for Mesa Falls.

There are three aide stations on the course, but the are only offering refill facilities and not cups.  I'm planning to use the aide stations only to pick up a Gu gel, and carry 2l of GuBrew mix with 6 scoops of powder and 2 scoops of SciVation Xtend.  The forecast is for a maximum of 25 degrees on the day, so 2l should be heaps, and I can always refill the Camelbak bladder if I drink more than expected.  I've got a Camelbak Flowmeter that I haven't used before, so the Coastal Classic will be a good test to see how it does monitoring how much of the 2 litres I've consumed.

The family is camping for the weekend over at Bonnie Vale campground near Bundeena, so it should be a great weekend.  I look forward to doing a write-up next week of how well the event went!

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