Tired Legs 

Posted by Admin Thursday, September 23, 2010 1:29:00 PM

I got out this morning for my last ride before the Back Yamma Big Foot race on Sunday.  This was my taper week and I cut down my training considerably.  I think I have probably taken it back too much and my legs are feeling tired.  I normally do an 80km road ride on a Tuesday morning but changed this to a flat Kurnell/Cronulla ride of only 20km this week.  Thursday morning is usually a flat 32km which I also changed to 20km for this week.  The rides were very casual I did actually remember the camera this morning!

Cronulla Sunrise

I think for the next race, which will be the Gong Ride I will keep the Tuesday long ride and just cut back the Thursday ride to a quick spin.  My ITB gave me some problems last week so I have not done any running at all this week.  Next time I think I will also do at least one 5km run in the taper week.

Looking forward to the race, I have just cleaned my bike and I am packing my things for the weekend.



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